Orange County Social Security disability advocate

How to Prepare for Your Hearing

If you have an upcoming hearing for your Social Security disability benefits claim, you may wonder what to expect when you testify. You may feel more comfortable and prepared if your Orange County Social Security disability advocate or attorney explains what will happen during the hearing and your testimony.

Many of the legal steps, including legal research and writing, will have already occurred before you go to your hearing. Your advocate or lawyer likely will have already gathered and submitted medical evidence and doctors’ reports to the court. Your advocate or lawyer may have also developed a strategy for witness testimony and prepared each witness before the hearing.

You should expect to sit in a hearing that lasts for at least an hour, though it is possible that the hearing may require more or less time. In general, hearings do not last much longer than an hour and a half.

When you testify during the hearing, your Orange County Social Security disability advocate or attorney may ask a number of questions. You should answer clearly and try to have your testimony flow freely. The judge may also ask questions—in fact, you may find that many of the questions come from the judge rather than from your advocate or lawyer. If you can provide a lot of information in response to the judge’s questions, your case may benefit.

In addition to your testimony, the hearing may include testimony by other witnesses. Your own advocate or lawyer will direct questions to witnesses brought by your side to the hearing. The judge may also question expert witnesses called to the hearing by the court.

If you understand what will happen during your hearing, the proceedings may go more smoothly. Your Orange County Social Security disability advocate or attorney should be able to answer your questions in advance of the hearing so that you know what to expect.

If you have more questions about what to expect at your hearing, contact Orange County disability advocate us.