Orange County Social Security disability advocate

My approach to your California disability case as an Orange County Social Security disability advocate

I personally handle the case of every Southern California disability claimant who becomes my client.

At the outset, I will give you an initial interview, which will lay the groundwork for how I will analyze and handle your California disability case. Every Southern California disability case I handle poses different questions and requires an individualized approach.

I generally begin an initial interview by asking you why you think the California Social Security Administration should find you disabled. Very often the reasons I hear from clients are irrelevant for Social Security Administration evaluation purposes.

For example, for literate, English-speaking claimants under age 50, a common issue is whether or not a client has the capacity to do sedentary work. When I ask my clients why they cannot perform sedentary work, I often hear answers like:

  • There aren’t any job openings in Orange County or Southern California.
  • I can’t get such a job.
  • There is no available sedentary work around Orange County.
  • Southern California employers wouldn’t hire me for such a job because of my age, race, sex, etc.
  • The pay isn’t enough for me to take a job like that.
  • Even though I could do the job, I would never pass the physical because of all my medical problems.

Unfortunately, these are all unusable answers because they are irrelevant to Social Security Administration.

However, there are a lot of acceptable ways for me to prove that you cannot do a full range of sedentary work. If this applies to you, I would direct your attention to those aspects that are relevant to a disability determination.

The most important components for showing you are entitled to California Social Security disability benefits are your age, education, work experience, and current capacity for work. In our initial interview, I will discuss all of these areas with you in detail. In particular, I will listen carefully to your reasons for why you cannot work and get a full understanding of your circumstances.

Our initial interview very often gives me an early idea of whether you will be awarded California Social Security disability benefits. Sometimes not all the information I need will be available at the initial interview. In those cases, it will be necessary for me to take a look at your California Social Security file before I can determine your likelihood of success.

From the initial interview to your hearing, you can count on me to be your disability advocate through each step of what can be an often lengthy and complex process.

If you would like me to personally review your case, please contact me to arrange for an initial interview:

Orange County Social Security Disability Advocate
Social Security Disability Advocate
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