Orange County Social Security disability advocate

Long Beach disability advocateIf the effect of pain resulting from your physical impairment is significant enough to prevent you from working, then winning your disability case will hinge upon giving an accurate, compelling description of your symptoms in testimony. A Long Beach disability advocate can help you give effective testimony, especially when it comes to describing the symptoms resulting from pain.

The following types of questions cover different aspects of pain, and how they affect your life on a daily basis.

Description of the pain:

  • What is nature of your pain, and where is it located?
  • What incident resulted in this pain?
  • How long have you felt the pain?
  • Did the pain ever go away? If so, for how long? What caused this?
  • Can you describe the pain as you have explained it to your Long Beach disability advocate?
  • Do you feel the same kind of pain all the time, or does it vary? If it’s different, how and when does the sensation of your pain change?
  • Can you point to the location of the pain? (Your Long Beach disability advocate will say something to the effect of “Let the record reflect that the claimant is pointing to his lower back at the beltline.”)
  • Is this pain constant or infrequent? If infrequent, how often does it come and how long does it last?
  • Using a ten point scale for pain, how would you rank your pain (1 for no pain, 10 for worst pain)?
  • Does the intensity remain constant, or does it vary? What affects it (stress, environmental factor, etc.)?
  • Have you felt the pain move through you, for instance going down one of your legs?
  • Do you feel other symptoms in connection with this pain, such as redness, swelling, fatigue, or loss of weight and appetite?

Treatment for the pain:

  • Do you see your doctor often? How does he or she treat the pain?
  • Does medication help? Does it produce side effects like nausea, drowsiness, or lack of focus?
  • What alternative treatments have you tried, such as physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, exercises, or a pain clinic? Were they effective?
  • Did you try any home remedies, such as hot baths, heating pads, or ointments? Were they effective?
  • Can you relieve the pain by limiting your activities or resting?

Restrictions due to pain:

  • How has this pain affected your life?
  • Are you dependent on assistive devices, such as a cane, brace, or cervical collar?
  • Did you have to make adjustments to daily activities that were affected by pain, in terms of your relationships, sleep patterns, or hobbies?
  • Have you felt emotional turmoil or struggled with concentrating or recalling details?
  • Has the pain limited your capacity for work?

We are a dedicated Long Beach disability advocate who helps claimants get through each difficult step of applying for Social Security disability benefits. Call him today for a free initial consultation.